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"A" to "Z" Plating

Raw materials, equipment and knowledge of plating,

water and wastewater treatment

Electrophoretic Lacquer

Low consumption rate

high resistance

No need for permanent circulation

Nickel Gostar Ideal Co

Nickel Gostar Company with the registered name of Nickel Gostar Ideal with registration number 437968 and the management of Dr. Yaser Ghadrdan since 1390 in the field of import and production of technical knowledge, raw materials and equipment in plating, polishing, water and wastewater treatment with the slogan from A to Z The plating company started its activity.

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  • Nickel Additives
  • Chrome Additives
  • Cyanide zinc Additives

Chromate - Passivation

  • Chromate
  • Passivation
  • Sealer Lacquer

Electrophoretic lacquer

  • Electrophoretic lacquer 5000
  • Electrophoretic lacquer 6000
  • Electrophoretic lacquer 7000

HOT & Electrical degreaser

  • Steel Hot immersion degreaser
  • Brass Hot immersion degreaser
  • Plastic Hot immersion degreaser 

Agencies Obtained

Plating Industry Events

  • Plating Industry Festival 
  • Plating Industry Exhibition
  • Donate health pack
  •          International Exhibition of Chemical                 Materials and Industries                  


  •  Application of Electrophoretic Lacquer
  • Types of contamination of nickel plating solution
  • Electroplating in the automotive industry
  • What is Electroplating?

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