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Nickel Gostar Company with “Nickel Gostar Ideal” registored name and 437968 registration number and management by Mr. Yasser Ghadrdan has begun it`s activity with the motto of "A to Z Of Electroplating" in field of importing and technical knowledge  generation, raw material and equipment in electroplating, polishing, water refinery and waste. In this company managers ,technical and commercial staffs not only have academic educational in related fields with the electroplating industry including material and  metallurgy and chemical science , but also they are trained and experienced in this field inside and outside the country. One of the honors by Nickel Gostar Company is receiving several representations of the most prestigious brands in the world in areas of the company activity including "HSO Germany Company" in Iran in the field of additives importing for  the electroplating process varieties and being exclusive agency for "Galvano Mondo Turkey Company" in Iran in the field of additives importing for electroplating process varieties, electrophoretic lacquers and designing and the electroplating lines construction, electrophoretic, cleaning, rinsing and the related machinery to electroplating industry from manually to all automatic.
Nickel Gostar also has being exclusive agency for "Sessler Germany Company" in Iran in the field of semi-to all automatic designing and the electroplating lines construction, and to have exclusive agency for "Artimax Germany Company" in Iran in totally is specialized in field of designing and electroplating equipment construction of the electroplating fixtures and jigs. 
In addition to the aforementioned agencies this company is proud to have cooperation with "Wet Germany Company" and "Faerber & Schimt Swiss Company" for providing the raw material, designing and wastewater treatment line construction, and we are presented lines, material and services to the active partners in field of wastewater treatment as a exclusive agency. One of the other honors for this company is friendly cooperation with Germany WET and Holder holdings and all of their subset in Germany, Swiss and Turkey in the field of functional training and imports of the modern equipment and knowledge in the world in varieties of Industries and non-industries.
Other activities by Nickel Gostar Company including the wide range of direct imports of electroplating anodes and salts of the highest quality in the world markets, the purpose of Nickel Gostar Company is importing of original products with stable price and controlled price for customers.
The aim of Nickel Gostar at the earliest establishment has been to produce of all kinds of the electroplating additives, salts, degreaser, phosphate and Ferroclean under Nickel Gostar brand with the best quality and the most reasonable price that it has done by highly experienced technical team. Research and development in this phase is being pursued and promoted with the highest rate and quality.
Nickel Gostar by vast knowledge according to the world standards alongside desirable materials with the best price and highest quality is providing domestic production for the customers who use of this products.
Nickel Gostar has several local subsets including of Nickel Gostar factory and central stock, Zarabaan and DeltaGalvan coating industry and Piramid industrial group, that all of which are decentralized and are containing the additives and storage of manufactured items and imported materials in the following areas respectively.
ZARABAN: "Nickel- Chrome" electroplating sector and Nickel- Chrome electroplating lines pilot.
Nickel Gostar and Delta Galvan: "Galvanized" electroplating sector and Galvanized line pilot.
PIRAMID: Electroplating equipment manufacturing sector, ferrous components and decorative coating such as electrophoretic and electrostatic.
Nickel Gostar Company with the experienced staffs and equipped laboratory has been serving honorable customers and partners in provision of services including technical and engineering services, analyses and  debugging in every solution and booklets presentation and holding the training courses with local subsets cooperation (as scientific and practical training in the electroplating pilot lines in Nickel Gostar) and abroad partners such as HSO, Holder, WET in Germany and Galvano Mondo  in Turkey (as theoretical and practical training in abroad).
Other services by Nickel Gostar are to provide the electroplating equipment and polishing by giving guidance on setting up the lines and purchasing a new or second hand items and creating the calmness and assurance by the presence of experts in this collection alongside industrialists. Online store opening for selling the new and used items is presented in purpose of easiness to aim.
Nickel Gostar company is upgrading and optimizing its activity in all of the electroplating fields, in the industrial wastewater treatment, water and environmental protection that is the main and planned objective, in cooperation with Germany WET and Swiss Faerber & Schmit Companies.


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